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  • From the "Nunn Guy" North American Grasslands and Birds Report: "Only 11% of the tallgrass prairie, 24% of the mixed grass prairie, and 54% of the shortgrass prairie that once covered much of the continent remains."
    Jul 15

  • JoAnn Hackos We observed and photographed a Prairie Falcon dive bombing a Red-tailed Hawk on the west side of the South Platte Reservoir. The hawk flew to a lower power post position to protect itself from the charging falcon. Really amazing to watch the action.
    Feb 4

  • Anne Whitehurst Gyrfalcon is beautiful! Glad you got that one to go through, Gary!
    Jan 8

  • sangeeta chakraborty Are there any owling trips in Colorado that go to Manitou Experimental Forest (Teller county). I went there last weekend to see the famed flammulated owls but was asked to contact Brian Link Hart first and come with a birding group. I would appreciate any information on this. AT the moment I know of no trips, I could reach out to USDA Forest Service person who works there and arrange a trip for late June (optimal time of year for them and their owlets). I did one about three years ago-it was an overnighter in the Forest Service cabins.
    Jul 29