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eagle pair, Lake McIntosh
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  •  E. Anne Whitehurst: 
    Thanks Sangeeta....if it was a young-of-the-year juvenile, it was probably their daughter. She's been fledged since late summer. Yes, the adults are in the big cottonwood by the statue and the volleyball court. That's their favorite tree, but sometimes you'll see them on trees further west closer to the dam.
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  •  sangeeta chakraborty: 
    Hi Anne, the picture is awesome.. Its a delight to see an eagle pair ready for nesting. I had seen a juvenile bald eagle few months ago, on one of the big cottonwood trees by the lake (there's a huge silver coloured metal logo/statue by that tree) . The bird dint seem to mind human presence.
    Is This pair also by the lake itself (on the shore facing the neighbourhood) or somewhere near by?
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E. Anne Whitehurst
E. Anne Whitehurst
Photo info
11.26.2016 (597 days ago)
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