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Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge (07.07.2018)
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  •  Nikhil Shahi: 
    Hi there. It's on the wildlife drive, between miles 5 and 6 towards the west of the road. There are 3 owls there (I have seen two at the same time). But they are at a distance, so if you go early morning or late evening, the sunlight hits their feathers and you can see them clearly in the distance.
     11 days ago 
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  •  sangeeta chakraborty: 
    Could you tell me the location of this owl in arsenal? I am a regular visitor of the arsenal. Have not found burrowing owls this year. They have some construction going on and one major road is closed too. Is this on the 11 mile driving auto tour?
     12 days ago 
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07.09.2018 (12 days ago)
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