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Raptor Alley Map
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  •  Mike Bywater: 
    It's not real intuitive, but there's a 'Download' button over to the right, under 'Actions'.

    It downloaded as a .pdf.txt file. Deleted the .txt and the file opens just fine as a pdf.

    Hope that helps.
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  •  sangeeta chakraborty: 
    Hi Gary, I stil seem to be unable to open this pdf. I am using a mac, I dont know why the computer wont open the files. However, if you could tell me the road names, it would be great. I have been to the greeley area. And I am assuming, CR100 of weld county and other roads around CR100, are part of raptor alley. Please confirm, or let me know if the roads are different.

    Thank you
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Gary Lefko
407 species and counting on life list ...
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11.21.2016 (607 days ago)