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Lonny Frye 303 - 931 - 9131 lonnyfrye@gmail.com We will repeat a fun evening trip we did last year, starting off by looking for Common Nighthawks in the meadows north of town, then coming into the city to scan the skies for Chimney Swifts. We’ll end the evening over a beer or a glass of wine on Lonny's roof, watching for chimney swifts overhead. Here's the plan: Meet at the Foothills Trailhead Parking Lot at 7:00 pm Wednesday evening. To get there, drive north on US 36/28th St until it intersects with Broadway, then go just 1/4 mile farther and turn right (east) onto the north Broadway extension, (it turns into a gravel road). The parking lot is on the left a few hundred yards down the road. We'll check for nighthawks in this area, then drive a bit south to check the extensive meadows to the 3 east of 26t h St (also gravel) just east of the Forest Service office. We will then drive to Lonny's house at 1644 Pine Street to look for libations and Chimney Swifts.

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Gary Lefko
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