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Join us for a private tour of the instructor’s yard, which is designed for hummingbirds and songbirds and has been featured in three horticulture books. Learn unique ideas to attract hummers, the iridescent jewels of the bird world. Some hummingbird species are declining in numbers, so creating habitat is important, no matter how small or large. Take home handouts on plant names and hummingbird identification. Learn about the identification and ecology of Colorado’s common hummingbirds, including ID of young hummingbirds (the most common ones to show up at suburban plant food sources and feeders). After session in instructor’s yard, we will move to Audubon Nature Center in order to see more hummingbirds and hummingbird plants. Bring binoculars, small fold up seat, water, and snacks.
Meeting Place: 4400 Bow Mar Dr., Littleton CO, 80123. Park on west side of Bow Mar Dr, next to large cottonwood trees. Walk up driveway and meet instructor in front of garage.
Leader: Tina Jones, Audubon Master Birder. Email
Registration required: Registration is limited to 10 participants, no fee, but donation to ASGD appreciated



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