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Patrick O'Driscoll (Email: patodrisk@gmail.com Phone: 303-885-6955 (cell))
Trail Difficulty: Moderate
Directions: From east Denver north of I-70, go east on 56th Avenue past Peoria and Chambers toward Peña Boulevard
(airport highway). About 2 blocks before Peña, parking is on left (green sign, fenced lot). Or, take 1-70 to Peña Blvd. exit.
Drive north toward airport and exit at 56th Ave. At bottom of ramp, turn left at stoplight and go west under Peña
overpasses. Parking lot is 2 blocks ahead on right.
Mid-summer madness? First Creek @ DEN Open Space has never had an eBird list the second week of
July -- until this trip. We'll roll the dice and see what comes up. We'll start 15 minutes after sunrise to beat the
heat and any thunderstorms. If there is water in the creek, expect riparian-cottonwood prairie species. We will
walk 1.5 miles of paved path upstream to Tower Road and back. We'll also cover half a mile of Buckley Road.
And if there's time, we'll wander onto the Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR side of Buckley and walk the First
Creek trail there in Adams County. Water and a hat are a must. Dress for the weather. At present there are no
restrooms at this location. The closest are the Green Valley Ranch King Sooper's off Tower Road near 49th . . .
or visit the "green door" in the cottonwoods and junipers north of the creek. Register online or contact leader.



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Gary Lefko
407 species and counting on life list ...
Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR, Denver, United States
Date start07.14.2018 06:00
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