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Meet at Nunn Cafe 0730.  We'll explore Cheyenne, WY's Important Birding Areas: Hereford Ranch and Lion's Park.  We'll then to Weld CR 1224 and 124 Ponds to see what shorebirds might be there. If not, too late in day maybe Crow Valley Campground, too.  Bring lunch, snacks and water.  Return to cafe 2-3pm.  Contact Gary at coloradobirder@yahoo.com to confirm your participation.

The Wyoming Hereford Ranch is a working cattle ranch famous for its breeding Hereford bulls. The ranch is approximately 6,000 acres and located immediately east of Cheyenne, Wyoming. The ranch contains a variety of habitats including riparian corridor along Crow Creek, irrigated meadows, reservoirs, cottonwood stands and native shortgrass prairie. Over two miles of Crow Creek meander through the property. Present and past ranch owners have done an excellent job in preserving and managing these unique wildlife habitats in association with their livestock operations.


The ranch provides important nesting, feeding, migration and wintering habitat for birds. Wetland irrigated meadows and woody riparian habitats attract a great variety of birds, especially during spring migration. 255 species of birds (eBird) have been documented. The wooded riparian area adjacent to the ranch headquarters is well known for its warbler species. Over 50% of the species of warblers found in North America have been documented in this area.

The Wyoming Hereford Ranch is home for most or part of the year for many species of birds. There are several miles of Crow Creek, numerous 100 year old cottonwood trees, willows, spruce and pine providing ideal habitat.

Lions Park provides important nesting, feeding, migration and wintering habitat for birds (51 species, eBird). I am confident this number is low for this area. This public area contains a complex of riparian, lakes and upland habitats that attract a variety of bird species, especially during spring migration. The area acts like an oasis providing an important migration stop over for birds migrating up the front range of the Rockies. Well over 150 species of birds use the area during spring migration.

Weld CR 122 and 124 Ponds have over 115 species reported (eBird)

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Gary Lefko
407 species and counting on life list ...
Hereford Ranch, Lion's Park and Weld CR 122 and 124 Ponds, Cheyenne, Wyoming and Northern Colorado, United States
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