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Casual Birding


(February duck watching at Rigden Reservoir,  along the Poudre Bike Trail, Boyd Lake and Sawtail Pond (Boulder))


When bills and cleaning leads to annoyment

I go outside for some birdwatching enjoyment.


Out from a cottonwood peers a Screech Owl

But this is about winter waterfowl.


As soon as the ice leaves the pond

Many fly in for whom water is fond.


Goldeneyes, Buffleheads and even a Coot,

You must admit their names are a hoot.


Common or Hooded Mergansers and a Ruddy duck,

A Shoveler and a Pintail if you are in luck.


A Widgeon, a Gadwall and a Scaup or two

Join the Mallards and Geese, which are more than a few.


Redhead and Ringnecks are swimming around

Soon, many more in wetlands will abound.


And despite the noise from the trucks on the highway

You might see a Bald Eagle up in the skyway.