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Bird Check List

I have the Colorado checklist, and it's really in a great format. It is two pages, not a lot of superfluous information. I was looking for something similar for the mountain west or maybe the US, but all of them are so long and include some much other info, they run 20+ pages or aren't downloadable. Is anyone aware of a place to get a list specific to the mountain west or the US that is in a good format that is easy to print without using a ton of paper?

14 pages double-sided print:  http://listing.aba.org/checklist/abachecklist_v7.8.2.pdf

AOU version (CSV) import XLS put in columns?  http://checklist.aou.org/taxa.csv?type=charset%3Dutf-8%3B

By State or Province?  http://www.wildbirds.com/Find-Birds/State-Province-Checklists

Thanks, maybe I'll need to combine some states, I'll give these a try!