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'DUCKING' IN FEBRUARY ON THE FRONT RANGE (February duck watching at Rigden Reservoir,  along the Poudre Bike Trail, Boyd Lake and Sawtail Pond (Boulder))   When bills and cleaning leads to annoyment
22d ago
Hi Ann You might contact Linda Vidal or others on this list:  http://www.roaringforkaudubon.org/board-list/ Here are some locations for your visit:  https://coloradocountybirding.org/ByCounty.aspx?CountyID=20 Thanks Gary
210d ago


Hi, We will be in Vail/Beaver Creek mid-September and are looking for an avid birder with scope to guide us to view some local birds.  Please email me if you know someone who would like to help. zleblanc88@yahoo.com
219d ago
Hello everyone.    If you visit the high country of Colorado in the summer or have a winter feeder, please keep your eyes out and report sightings of banded and unbanded Brown-capped Rosy-Finches (BCRF).   To obtain a better understanding of movement patterns and connectivity of breeding populations, the Bir
280d ago
After reading a report, we headed to Harlan County Lake in south central Nebraska for the weekend and were lucky enough to get a photo of the brown booby that has been hanging out there for more than a week.  The photo was taken about 5:30 pm as the bird flew near the lake side of the dam.    
290d ago
Hi allThis past weekend on Saturday the "Classic" tallied 102 bird species within the area bounded by Weld CR 114 (North) x Windsor Lake (East) x Stewart's Pond (South) x Weld CR 59 Marsh (East).  I assumed Pawnee was muddy from storms so avoided that area but still got the "100"!The eventful day was book-ended by Veery at start and Virginia's Warbler as last bird.Identification Help: Ibis?: 
305d ago
Hi allVisited various areas ... highlights: Lesser Black-backed Gull - 2 (ad.) [Gull/goose flock at Weld CR 84/29] Franklin's Gull - 1 [Gull/goose flock at Weld CR 84/29] Snow Goose - 3 [Gull flock at Weld CR 84/29] + 6 [O St Gravel Ponds] Greater White-fronted Goose - 1 [Gull flock at Weld CR 84/29] + 2 [O St Gravel Ponds] Wood Duck - 1 [Crom Lake] Great-tailed Grackle - 7 [Woods Lake, Lower Latham] Cinnamon Teal - 14
367d ago
Hi allI led an enthusiastic group of birds from CSU Ornithology Club (21 students)--always a fun group to be with.  The day was "ominous" though for raptoring ... 30-35mph winds!  Despite winds group got to see assorted species and some great views of raptors.The morning started out great my Prairie Falcon "plant" was awaiting the group across from Nunn Cafe as well as my "second plant" bird our local Great Horned Owl in his usual location across from my house.  Both excited the g
417d ago
Hi allThis past Saturday had large turnout two dozen+ raptor enthusiasts-including two young fledgling birders (~10 years of age).  The first bird of the day was a photogenic male Merlin who performed acrobatics above our head returning to tree several times.  Crowd was thrilled by his performance.  Last bird of day was Golden Eagle pair copulating on steel power pole.  The two young birders were thrilled by the birds and lifers but missed out on the bird they wanted-Golden Eagle-they had to
430d ago
Thanks, maybe I'll need to combine some states, I'll give these a try!
529d ago